What this headline will do to try and get you to click on it will shock you

Some¬†people, when they write articles they simply need you to read – especially of a political nature – they often resort to these sorts of link bait headlines that require you to follow through to find out what they’re talking about.

But they have a choice. If they really want you to read the article, the headline should give them a legitimate reason.

A good headline shouldn’t ask you to take a chance that there might be something worth reading here. It should bring you in by giving you a glimpse of why you need to know the information in the story.

Link bait headlines are lazy and self-serving. Headlines that truly summarize and encapsulate the story are difficult to write. But they reward the reader and will give the them a better experience that will lead to a better reader-writer relationship long-term.

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Don’t know who else I’d rather be

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a bit of a Halloween scrooge. It’s not that I don’t like it so much as I’m just not interested in it.

In discussing this with friends recently, they said it’s a chance to dress up and be something or somebody else.

I’m quite sure they didn’t mean it as a complete transformation, but that idea got me thinking.

I can’t recall a time in my life, at any point ever, where I wanted to be anyone other than me.

Perhaps it’s just a wiring thing, but I’ve never looked at friends, neighbors or even famous people and wished I could be who they are or have what they have.

It’s probably why I don’t watch much TV – especially of the reality show variety. I’m just not that interested in what other people have or what they’re doing. The concept of jealousy is completely foreign to me. It’s just not a thing I’ve ever experienced.

(That said, I am immensely interested in why people do the things they do – which is why I got into marketing and find it so fascinating (if not frustrating).)

That’s not to say everything in my life is always great, on an objective scale. But I’ve always embraced my experiences – whether they’re happening to me or I made them happen. And I’ve always embraced solving the problems that I’m experiencing (at some point in the process, if not always immediately).

I think my dislike for dressing up is the idea that I might be masking, however temporarily, who I am or what I think. When people experience me, I want them to know exactly what they’re getting.

To dress up would blur that line.

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Quit and stay or quit and leave

I’d never heard this idea prior to this week, but I really liked the sentiment. And it really resonated with my experiences of the past few months.

The person who said it was talking about a company in which many of the people there had decided they didn’t like the management, or policies or some individuals there (or a combination of all three).

But instead of quitting, leaving the company and getting themselves out of a situation in which they were not happy, many decided to quit on the company and their coworkers, but remain to spread unhappiness, be a cancer within the office and sabotage the efforts of others.

And so she summed it up with that idea: quit and stay or quit and leave.

It resonated with me because it spoke to my last experience. I was at a place where most people complained about the company and were unhappy. But instead of getting out (which some did), many chose to stay and complain.

Personally, when confronted with that situation, I’ve always been prone to action. As long as I’m at a company, I won’t quit on it. But if I no longer feel good about the situation, I move on as quickly as I can.

To stay at a company where you’re unhappy is to do a disservice to your own happiness and that of those around you (both at work and at home).

I’ve never understood those who are content to complain without action. Why would one do that to themselves? The best way to remove myself from that environment is to take action, fix the problem and move on.

At this point in my life, I love it when I hear something that summarizes what I’m thinking.

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Celebrating the nation’s most famous immigrant

A day late, but an observation I read yesterday that I thought worth sharing:

Politicians and activists are telling us that we must celebrate illegal immigrants because they come here as an act of love.

Yet, when the day comes to celebrate arguably the most famous illegal immigrant of them all – Christopher Columbus – suddenly people who were born in this land become more important and must be celebrated with “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

Politics is no fun when you have to think…

(Credit to Dan Michael)

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Getting rid of the top 1%

What does the average net worth¬†of the nation’s top 1% need to be before we don’t care about the nation’s top 1% of wealthiest people?

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