God or evolution?

Speaking of evolution…

Why can’t we all agree that evolution is God’s grand design? That way, everybody gets to be right.

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Evolution and extinction

Why is it that many outspoken advocates for evolution also back efforts to protect species from extinction?

There’s obviously plenty of evidence to support evolution, which is essentially survival of the fittest. If a species is on it’s way to extinction, isn’t that because they’re not the fittest? Isn’t it what is meant to be?

Who are we to step in and try and prevent it? It seems like somewhat of a contradiction.

If things are naturally evolving as we weed out the, I guess, lesser species – the ones unable to adapt, why is it up to humans to step in and tinker with it?

Since we’re not close to extinction, yet, how are we deciding what kinds of concessions to make to keep these species around?

In choosing which animals to save and which to let go, we’re leaving the fate of a species up to a power greater than even evolution… marketing.

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Apple’s newest innovation

Have you ever found yourself on a group text in the middle of a conversation from which you cannot escape?

You try and carry on about your business – seeing a movie, at work, enjoying dinner – but the texts just keep coming and you can’t stop them.

There’s an opportunity here for Apple to make one small tweak to their texting app. If they can simply give one a way to take themselves off of a group text string, they’d be making a significant improvement to one of the most used apps on smartphones these days.

No problem, Apple. That one’s on me.


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Revelation or articulation

Often I have what I think are revelations. But when you tell someone you have a revelation, they think you’ve experienced a new idea or noticed something you hadn’t before thought about.

Recently, I’ve had a few people look surprised that what I called a revelation was a new idea to me. It finally dawned on me that I’d been using the wrong word.

What I’d often been calling revelations were actually articulations.

To me, an articulation is when someone shares an idea with me in a way that I’d never heard it said before. Or I finally find a better way to frame an idea I’d been wrestling with for awhile.

At this point, I find I have more articulations than revelations. But I think articulations are just as important because they improve on my ability to share an idea or point of view with others.

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Critical thinking

There’s simply nothing you should just accept at face value. You should always do your own homework.

Critical thinkers rarely take something they read or hear as fact. Critical thinkers will seek out other perspectives. The reflex action of a critical thinker is to assume there’s another side to whatever story they’re told.

What alarms me is how often you see people take a premise at face value with no questions.

There was a time in the late 60s and early 70s when the phrase “question authority” was a well-known and popular refrain.

Fast forward to 2015, and we’re getting emails from the current administration’s “Truth Team.” (The official organization is the “Organizing for Action Truth Team.”)

As a marketer, I would have cautioned any politician from having a self-described “truth team.” It just screams 1984 and Russian and German propaganda, to me.

But what really rubs me the wrong way about it is the assumption that comes with it. The message is “don’t bother doing your own research or drawing your own conclusions, we’ll tell you what to think.” It actively discourages critical thinking.

What’s worse is that it appears to be working. There are a lot of people who take what they hear as gospel without doing their homework.

Worse, still, is that the very people who gave us the “question authority” mantra are now the ones in authority telling us not to ask questions.

Show me a politician that says, “don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself,” and that’s a politician to whom I will start paying attention.

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