I know a place where there will be plenty of marketing jobs

If ever there was a marketing department that’s probably not long for this world, it would be the Netflix marketing department.

As I wrote about yesterday, there are an impressive number of ways in which Netflix really botched the marketing and product management of their nearly ubiquitous movie rental and streaming business (formerly, I guess).

But the most fun one is that someone didn’t check to see if Qwikster was available on Twitter before going out with their message of splitting the business.

It appears that Qwikster is owned by a somewhat rude, dope-smoking slacker (at least that’s his Twitter personality) who lets it all hang out on Twitter.

I think he now realizes that he wants cash to give up the name, and he’s apparently not afraid to ratchet up the nastiness of his posts to force the issue for Netflix.

Man, I bet the marketing people at Netflix can’t wait for this week to end (or for their HR department to put them all out of their misery).

[Of course, they may actually all be brilliant, and they created this “Jason” persona for the sake of publicity… but I’m not sure to what end.]

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I approve this message.

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