An easy prank to play on your friends

When I was the Marketing Director at Capital Newspapers, my Senior Designer – one of the most talented designers and marketing professionals that I know who has since started his own very successful business, Astuteo – was known for his excellent, if not completely silly, sense of humor.

For example, he really wanted to make a television ad for the Wisconsin State Journal that featured a guy in a Wisconsin-shaped costume (kinda like Justin Timberlake’s Omeletteville SNL skit) writing in his Journal. That idea just killed him.

Anyway, he just sent me this video of a great practical joke featuring a NASA satellite, some G-men and a little misdirection. Maybe it’s only funny to me because it makes me think of Matt, but I thought this was a good way to start off the week.

My name remains Jon Friesch, and I approved this message.

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