Person of the year again?

Well, it looks like for the second time in five years, I won the Time Magazine Person of the Year Award. (You may recall my first one in 2006, which I won for “for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game.”)

I have to admit to being a bit humbled by being the only person in history to receive the award twice. Quite honestly, I didn’t really even think anyone had noticed my protests.

These things do add up, though. My poor review of Lake City Toyota on their customer survey was, by itself, nothing significant. And I don’t think if I had only called Broadview Security to complain about how I was roped into their three year contract when I clearly and specifically asked for a one-year deal, I would have even been considered. But looking back, those ended up being two of many times during 2011 when I actively stuck it to the man.

Notice was surely taken when I skipped ahead of a woman at the Post Office who, when arriving at the postal service representative, had left the package address in her car and ran outside without even asking if I minded waiting. I don’t think she even ever considered my time when she thought it would be fine to leave me standing there because of her poor planning.

And my boldest move of the year came recently when I stole the nail clipper out of the drawer of the person that I sit near in my office who clips his nails once a week. What was I to do? With an affliction like Misophonia, I could no longer take the irritating sounds of something most people do in the privacy of their own bathroom. It was my stand for passive-aggressivism.

It was certainly a year of confrontation and standing up for myself and others. Making the concert goers next to me stop talking so I could hear the performer, confronting the guy who took my parking space at University Village when I clearly had my signal on, refusing to sit by as my friends spouted their nonsense on Facebook, anonymously taking on thoughtless and silly comments on articles all over the Internet. 2011 was the year I simply had enough.

So thank you to Time and all of you who supported me throughout the year while I went to bat for what is right. I’m sure 2012 won’t see nearly the amount of protesting now that we collectively sorted it all out in 2011.

Here’s to all of my brothers and sisters who stood up for what they thought was right.

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