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An astute observation (in a time of relatively few astute observations)

I just read an excellent article in Vanity Fair called You Say You Want a Devolution by Kurt Andersen. The general premise, best summarized from the excerpt below, is that American culture has always changed dramatically over any 20 year … Continue reading

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The things you never stop to consider

A friend of mine forwarded to me this tweet from Heather Armstrong (known to many as “Dooce”) – which I assume was something she said to her kids: “You guys, Wolverine had to grow up without tickle fights.” Truer words…

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You can do anything! – regardless of experience or training

As one of the comments on this video says, the best comedy comments on reality. This skit was on the January 14 Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Daniel Radcliffe. It’s been awhile since SNL turned out such a … Continue reading

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Finally, I’m on the right end of a great customer service story

If you’ve followed this blog over the months, you probably read some of my experiences with DirecTV and Dollar Car Rental – both less than stellar (although Dollar came through after much prompting). Well, word must have gotten out about … Continue reading

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The Seattle freeze

The Packers are hosting the New York Giants in Lambeau Field, and I just read this article from the New York Times regarding the friendliness of Wisconsin residents. It got me to thinking about Wisconsin’s reputation of friendliness versus Seattle’s … Continue reading

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