Who cares what I think?

While running this morning, I was thinking about my blog and all of the other blogs and what motivates people to write them.

I mean, why would anyone read my blog? Who cares what I think? Who wants to read anything I have to say, and why would I think anyone would?

My conclusion was that nobody does care what I think. Not at first. And that’s true of most all bloggers.

Unless you go to a blog for which you already have a preconceived notion – maybe a friend told you about it or you read about it somewhere else – you aren’t going to care what that person thinks.

But what people do care about are the ideas contained in the blog.

No one cares what I think, but if I write something that gets them thinking – whether they agree or not – then they may care about my ideas. And if they care enough and enjoy the thinking it caused, they may come back for more.

And that is why blogs are like any other product. If a reader has a good experience with the product, they’ll come back for more.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and that’s probably irrelevant.

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