Interview etiquette

Today, I sat in on a group interview with a candidate who is hoping to fill an open position in our marketing department.

Two of the people on my team who were in the room, on the interviewer side, had their cell phones out on the table, and one actively used it twice during the interview.

I found this to be very disappointing. We ask someone to prepare, come to our building and put their best foot forward to try and convince us we should hire her (in this case), and we can’t holster our cell phones for 30 minutes?

Were I that candidate, I would most certainly question whether or not I want to work with people who can’t give me the courtesy of their full attention. And on a better day, I’d probably let them know it, too.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I firmly believe that as our courtesy and manners break down, so will go society.


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