Is honesty really dying?

On Saturday of this past weekend, I was running down the street when I noticed a credit card in the running lane. I stopped and went back and noticed two more along with it.

So I picked them up, ran home, found the phone number of the owner and gave him a call. Turned out he had lost them the day before. No matter, I told him I’d drop them off to him, so I got in my car and did just that.

When I handed him the cards, it was like a man getting a table at a nice restaurant. He palmed me a $20 bill. (Very smooth… I’m guessing he’s done it before.) When I objected and tried to return it, and he said he’d have none of it.

“You don’t see honesty like this much more these days,” he said. “I’m from Wisconsin,” I replied… “That’s how we are.”

I suspect that for generations, people have thought that honesty was a dying character trait. Not as long as I’m around.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I still believe that people are inherently good.

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