Looking at things from a different perspective

One of the reasons I get so passionate about marketing is because it’s really about perspective.

To be good at marketing, I think one must understand that people look at ideas, issues and events through personalized filters they have developed over a lifetime of experiences – and one isn’t necessarily more or less correct than the other.

It’s great fun for me to consider a proposed target audience and try and understand the similar perspectives they may have toward life. Once understood, it makes potential messaging solutions to a communications problem that much more exciting to pursue and develop.

In general, I really enjoy using perspective as a tool. It’s great for finding commonality between people with whom you might otherwise disagree. Changing perspectives also allows one many different options from which to approach and solve a problem.

Understanding the perspectives of others also helps me communicate more effectively with different kinds of people and unite a group of otherwise disconnected people around a common goal.

That’s what I thought of when I saw this video, which I hope will alter how you see the world around you…

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I love it when people see things in untraditional ways.

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