How to prevent Friday the 13th bad luck

It occurred to me this morning that the way to avoid any bad luck befalling me today is to engage in every superstition and taboo act I can. Basically, I’m going to flood it out.

Before the day is out, I will have walked on every crack, ran with scissors, had four black cats cross my path, didn’t carry my lucky acorn, put my hat on my bed, let a bird in my house, walked under two ladders, moved to a new apartment AND took my broom with me, lit three cigarettes with the same match, let my eyelash that fell out simply fall to the ground, changed my bed AND sailed on a ship, constructed a lego house with a 13th floor, pulled out a gray hair, turned away two frogs trying to enter my house, left my knitting project unfinished, let my milk boil over, broke three mirrors (though one was on accident, I must admit), wore my opals, spilled pepper, stood in the middle of three people being photographed, left my empty rocking chair rocking… with NO… ONE… IN… IT, placed my shoes on the table, sang before seven, slept with my head to the south, killed not one but two sparrows, sat down with 13 people to eat, dropped my umbrella on the floor and didn’t knock three times on wood after mentioning a few great things that have recently happened to me.

I figure this way, bad luck will be falling all over itself trying to get to me, and its uncoordinated attack will fail.

Not to mention, I’m going to have a busy day with all of the above. I may not even have time for bad luck.

If I’m around tomorrow, I’ll tell you how it goes.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and so far, so good.

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