“It matters to me that you’re impressed”

I recently caught an old episode of Mad Men from one of the earlier seasons.

In it, an aspiring and Ivy League-educated Pete Campbell says to one of the executives in the ad agency at which he works, in a stark and bold admission, “It matters to me that you’re impressed.”

This statement really struck me, because I’m not sure I’ve ever heard those words spoken in that order before. In fact, I started wondering how many times people have thought this in the workplace, or with friends or at home, for that matter.

It’s a remarkable statement in its honesty, and I was trying to determine whether this is a good way or bad way to think – or just a plain statement of fact.

Personally, I don’t believe I do things to impress others. I do things that I think are right or interesting and then let people think what they will. You can’t control how others will react, anyway.

That said, I am always interested in what others think. The sharing of opinions is a great way to either affirm and reinforce or adjust your original premise. And as long as you’re staying true to yourself, I think that’s always a good thing.

If you’re doing something simply to impress someone at work, you’re probably not doing your best work, and you’re not expanding the parameters or vision of the person you’re trying to impress, either. Best to do what you think is right, and let nature take its course.

Or, as Pete Cambell would say, “A thing like that…”

– My name is Jon Friesch, and it matters to me that you are getting something out of my posts.

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