Being pro-me doesn’t make me anti-you

I read this in a blog today, and I wanted to repeat it in mine.

Too often, when one articulates an appreciation or desire for one thing or outcome, people read into that a dislike for what they consider the opposite.

I work hard at the things I do with the intent to learn and succeed. But I do not believe that any success I enjoy has to come at the expense of anyone else.

In fact, I’ve found that when I make something good happen for myself, a lot of people around me actually benefit from it. If I learn a new skill, acquire a new tool or meet someone influential, I’m always inclined to either use it or share it in a way that ends up helping those around me.

I think this is true of most people. People like to help others be thought of as helpful. In my experience, that’s a basic and normal human trait.

In general, when one benefits, many do. Sometimes, I think this is actually meant by “trickle-down economics.” My interpretation of that phrase is simply what happens to one affects many. When someone is succeeding, those around them tend to benefit. Similarly, when one suffers or is failing, it tends to have a negative affect on others.

In a sense, “trickle-down” is merely the idea that society is holistic and intertwined and nothing happens in a vaccuum.

I didn’t make up the phrase, so I might be misreading it. But that’s what it has always meant to me.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I believe that given the choice, people will always pick to help those around them (realizing there are exceptions, of course…).

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