Occupy… just occupy

I walked through downtown Seattle today, saw the remnants of the Occupy movement and couldn’t help but think…

  • It’s funny, but for a group of people trying to stop society – traffic, commercie, pedestrians, etc. – they didn’t really think about the boost to the glass replacement industry. Every bank and store with window damage already had a glass replacement company on the scene doing the work. In a sense, the Occupy movement was actually helping the economy, I guess. I wonder if the Occupy movement is actually just Big Glass creating work for themselves.
  • There was a woman with a megaphone shouting to those assembled about how she couldn’t find a job. Given her obnoxious speaking style and her ridiculous appearance (not to mention the absurd notions she was sharing), I can’t imagine why she’d have a hard time finding a job. Maybe it didn’t occur to her that employers are seeking reliable, personable, responsible and skilled workers who can present themselves as fairly upstanding citizens.
  • I know I’ve written about this before, but the Occupy movement couldn’t have come up with a better name for themselves. There’s nothing they do better than occupy. I bet they’re delighted to take their years of training and finally apply it to their career – professional occupation of space.
  • And on that note, one of the reasons I enjoy politics is from the marketing perspective. I like to look at our political parties through the prism of how they present themselves and their philosophies to others. Just like liberals like to show some of the goofier Tea Partiers in their Lady Liberty costumes to portray them as dopes, if I were Romney, I’d make hay out of today’s Occupy demonstrations. I’d just take clips from the local news and put the tagline “Democrat voters” or “Obama supporters” underneath it. Then finish with the question, “These people are Obama’s supporters. Do you support them?” Those ads should already be running.
  • Saw a great picture of an Occupy protestor breaking a window in the Nike store… with his Nike’s on. (That one kind of speaks for itself, I think…)

– My name is Jon Friesch, and the Occupy movement has to be the most self-destructive political movement in decades.

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