Union policies prevent innovation

This is a relatively straightforward headline – but it says so much.

The first sentence of the article from the Seattle Times reads:

A ruling in Superior Court on Thursday delays a Seattle School District plan to allow approved schools to innovate by being exempted from some district and union policies.

But think about what that really means. All of those who stood by the teachers in Wisconsin or anywhere else – think of what this says.

Some in the school system would like to try some innovations and improve the way we educate our kids. But we can’t because of district and union policies.

Doesn’t this effectively mean: District and union policies prevent innovation?

How could that be? Because union policies are one-size fits all with no allowance for merit, innovation, results, skills or anything else. You’ve been there 15 years? You make the most money – regardless of how good of a teacher you are.

Where’s the incentive for new and motivated teachers to stick around in a system like that?

Unions may be the single greatest threat to our education system. Not the teachers, but the unions to which they belong.

Great headline, that one. Couldn’t have said it better.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I’m working on saying it better.

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