Meat salad


Why do vegetarians want to eat their vegetables in the shape of a hamburger?

Hamburgers were invented with meat at the foundation. There have been hundreds of iterations, but the core ingredient of the hamburger is always the meat.

The hamburger wasn’t invented to stick it to vegetarians. It wasn’t intended to exclude them from cookouts. It just… well, is. A hamburger is a hamburger, just like a salad is a salad.

Fruits and vegetables come in all shapes and sizes and can be sliced or peeled or grated. But fruits and vegetables don’t come in the shape of a disc, so why do some vegetarians insist on eating them that way.

There’s no reason to have your veggies in the shape of a disk and on a bun. It’s forced. Vegetarians who eat them are essentially saying “it’s no fair you get to eat your food as a disk on a bun.”

I think it only fair that when vegetarians have parties and invite some meat-eating friends, they serve up a meat salad. Everyone else will be eating a salad, and meat-eaters should have to feel left out. So vegetarians should be courteous and make an all-meat salad to serve at the table especially for their meat-eating friends.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I won’t be satisfied until I get a bowl full of steak leafs for dinner.

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