By Sunlight – a great Seattle band

A few months back, I was fortunate enough to find and hire a great copywriter named Jack Clemens. The guy is a great writer who never misses on any assignment we give him.

What I didn’t know for a few months is that he’s also the bass player for a Seattle band called By Sunlight.

When I used to live in Milwaukee, I was always struck by how so many of the local bands sound the same. Everyone there was pursuing some sort of country rock sound – two guitars, a bass and a drummer who was way to aggressive.

But when I saw By Sunlight, all of that had passed. This band is really tight. When you see them live, every song runs right into the next one. And I promise you that you’ll not have heard a band quite like them.

The best comparison I can some up with is for those of you familiar with Mars Volta. They’re similar to them, but nowhere near as heavy with less abrasive vocals.

Interestingly, they also don’t really wrap their songs around a distinct chorus, as so many pop songs do.

Theirs is an interesting collection of songs, and I hope you have a chance to check them out. You can also purchase their music on iTunes.

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