I believe most opportunities in life are created.

You create opportunities by being friendly to others. You create them by helping someone out when you see them struggling. Be outgoing and meet new people. Be confident and realize that others have done what you fear.

Attend meetings and gatherings. Always say “yes” when you get asked to do something (or something that doesn’t involve killing people, anyway…). Be open-minded to all ideas and offers. Be optimistic about your chances to succeed – at anything.

You create opportunities by making yourself the kind of person that others want to have around. If you are someone people enjoy, if people know you have something to offer, whether it’s a willingness to help, an optimistic attitude or simply the ability to smile when others are down, then they’ll want you around.

When people want you around, they’ll start inviting you to things you didn’t know existed. And when you get invited, you go. Because trying new things always creates new opportunities.

People can give you an opportunity, but you’re less likely to take it. When you create opportunities, they’re far more meaningful and the effects longer-lasting.

Opportunity means more exposure to life, and the more exposure you have, the more empathy and compassion you will develop. When you’re life winds down, you don’t want to look back on a lifetime full of missed opportunity and regret.

Never pass on the opportunity to create more opportunities.

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