One of my shining managerial moments

Today, I was walking through my creative department when I heard one of my copywriters tell her designer, “I’m fed up with using periods in headlines. I’m not using periods in headlines anymore.”

As I was walking by, I said, “Good for you, stand up for what’s right.”

To which she said, “Periods are the bane of my existence.”

For the first time, possibly ever in my life, instead of saying what popped into my head, I just kept walking…

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2 Responses to One of my shining managerial moments

  1. jigje says:

    Impulse control; no easy feat! I’ve worked my way from biting my tongue once in a blue moon to biting it several times a day if need be. No tongue, but less conflict. :0)

    • Jon says:

      It’s even harder in a creative marketing environment because good copywriters, by their very nature, have very dirty minds. They need to if they’re going to find the double entendres in their work before the work goes to the public.

      She actually would have been fine with a comment, but sometimes, what you don’t say is funnier than what you do.

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