LinkedIn observations

I’ve been a huge fan of LinkedIn for some time. The way that some users get excited about Facebook? That’s how I can get about LinkedIn.

But I did notice a flaw in their system. Ever since I became a Creative Director at Responsys, I’ve been getting emails from LinkedIn about Creative Director job openings. The problem is that I have a 20 years of VP of Marketing/Marketing Director experience, and I never get a list of Marketing Director positions. You’d think their system would be combing one’s entire work history and not just dialed in on their most recent job.

One Big Work Reunion

In other LinkedIn news, I just sat down and clicked on their “People you may know” section in the upper right of the site.

If you click on it and keep scrolling down, it just continually feeds you possible connections based on your current connections and past jobs.

What’s kind of fun about it is that you will see a long continuing list of names you’ve probably not thought about for years (this is obviously truer for those with long experience).

I scanned my list through until I hit the end of the scroll (which was quite a long scroll). It was a fun way to find out where past co-workers are now – what different companies and sometimes different cities and states.

And who knows, you may even want to connect with one or two of them…

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