Job interviewers are rooting for you

Over the past nearly two years, I’ve been hiring designers and writers nearly non-stop. I’ve spoken to a lot of people (all of whom have about 50 times more life and professional experience than our new council member, Hilda Thompson), and next week’s nearly filled with more interviews.

As I watch the approach some people take to interviews, I couldn’t help but wonder if they realize that as an interviewer and hiring manager, I’m rooting for all of them.

When a candidate walks through the door, I’m hoping they’re going to come in and blow me away. I’m hoping to see enthusiasm, professionalism and some personality.

The stage is set, and they couldn’t have a friendlier audience. If they can come in and show me they belong, then I get to hire them and move on. I’m hiring because we don’t have enough people to do all of the work. I don’t want to spend hours and hours on interviewing people. I want someone to come in and get started.

It’s obviously natural to be nervous, but if you’re a candidate, consider that they people you’re talking to want you to be the right person. It seems like many are trying to figure out the right answer or trying to say too much.

Interviews really are two ways, and I think the best candidate is the one who can relax, walk in with confidence and be themselves.

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