Militant pedestrians

Today I was walking down the sidewalk when I saw this billboard:

photo-7Between the militant pedestrians who just start walking into the streets expecting cars to stop and those who insist on putting flags at every street corner so we can wave them around and show cars that we’re there, I’d really like to see a billboard that said this:

Don’t walk in front of cars. It’s common sense.

I’m not sure if we teach children this anymore, but when I was growing up, a fair amount of time was spent on looking “left, right and then left again before crossing the street.” The onus used to be on pedestrians to use their common sense and judgement before putting themselves into traffic.

Now we imply that they should just start walking and expect that thousand pound chunk of metal and plastic that’s hurling at you to see you and stop.

It’s getting harder and harder to count the signs of the apocalypse…

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