War on women?

President Obama is spending $200 million of taxpayer money to help young men of color reach their full potential.

Seems a bit divisive to me? This implies that they need special help because of their skin color. If it was simply because of circumstantial disadvantages, it would be aimed at young me of poverty.

And what about women? Do they need no assistance to reach their full potential? I’m left to wonder if it’s only young men of color who can’t get by without government assistance. Is this a war on women? It sure sounds like it to me.

What does “of color” mean, anyway? Are Asian young men included in this program? Hispanic young men? Could George Zimmerman apply?

I ask this not because I’m kneejerk anti-Obama. I ask because I want to encourage others to ask these kinds of questions whenever they hear about any government programs, whether originated by Democrats OR Republicans. Is this really what the government is supposed to do?

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