It’s not a good user experience if you have to tell me how to use it

I recently received this pop up when I visited the US Bank website:

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 9.47.41 PMThis reminded me of a request we received once while doing marketing for the Wisconsin State Journal. They redesigned the newspaper (print edition), and they wanted us to create a guide for users to tell them how to use it.

Now I could possibly see making a guide with the purpose of promoting that there were changes and why they make the experience better. But they wanted a real user guide that people could use to figure out the new layout.

I said to them then what I’m saying now to US Bank… It’s not a good redesign if you have to tell people how to use it.

The purpose of user experience development is to make an easy and intuitive experience that is seamless and unintrusive to the user.

Fortunately, I can say, having not really paid attention to the above user guide, that the US Bank changes were pretty straightforward and simple to use – making the above notice unnecessary.

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