I was in Atlanta this past week with two co-workers. On our way to the hotel after our meetings, I took a quick detour for a donut run (this really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone).

Unfortunately, I missed the left I was supposed to take and kept on going straight. It wasn’t long before we were awash in strip clubs. Obviously, we were in a different part of town.

Me and one of the people in our group were having a great time with it, laughing at all of the creative strip club names and just enjoying driving around strange parts of Atlanta.

But the other one in our party was really getting angry. Angry I missed the turn. Angry we weren’t taking the most efficient and exact route possible to our hotel. He was unable to loosen up and enjoy the meandering for what it is.

He would later accuse me of moving at 100mph, regardless of any signage or directions. He was unhappy how to propel forward headlong into whatever it is I’m doing with little caution.

Ironically, I had given him advice just a week earlier to not be tentative and make his mistakes going 100mph. Best to work hard, fail definitively, learn quickly, and change course immediately, in my opinion. When we’re tentative, we tend to make different kinds of mistakes that aren’t indicative of the merits of what we were trying to do.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of interesting, bazaar or different experiences in my life by creating opportunities for myself, and others, at 100mph, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything.

Also, I reminded him that if we hadn’t gotten lost, we would have never found this place, the greatest strip club name ever:


“Inserection”… Get it? InsERECTION? Love it…

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