Donuts, teriyaki and laundry

The search for decent donuts in Seattle is never-ending. They just don’t have very good bakery.

Don’t get me wrong. Seattle is still the best place I’ve ever lived, and I’d take it over anywhere else. But like anything, it has some downsides, and the lack of decent bakery is one of them.

Or so I thought…

Recently, one of my co-workers brought in donuts from a Filipino bakery south of the city, called Despi Delite. They were leaps beyond any other donuts I’ve had in the city (I’m saying that and looking right at you, Top Pot).

Then just a few days ago, another co-worker brought in donuts from another bakery located south of Seattle. This one is called King donut, and while I don’t think they were quite as good as Despi, they are certainly marketed much better. There’s so much great about this ad, I’m not sure where to start…

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