IMG_3014We all go to the grocery store, and most of us have purchased ice cream. When are we all going to learn that the reason the doors are clear glass is so you can look at the selection and make a decision before you open the door.

If you stand with the door open, then everyone who comes up after you for the next several minutes won’t be able to see unless they open the door – which just perpetuates the original mistake.

And if you consider that most of the people who do this probably understand this small bit of science, I think it’s fair to say that picking your ice cream with the door open is a discourteous act.

I know I share a lot of examples of things like this, and some probably think it’s petty. But this small stuff adds up. Why not have high standards for myself and society in every venture?

To quote the great George Castanza – “We’re living in a society!”

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