Why do I always have to?

This morning, I got on the bus to go to work and it was about 300% humidity and easily over 75 degrees. The bus was fairly full, and I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone else was as uncomfortable as I was. There didn’t appear to be any windows that opened, so I went up to the driver and asked her to put on the air conditioning.

And I couldn’t help but wonder, why do I always have to be the one to solve the problem?

At concerts, if someone is having a conversation near me, it’s always me who has to tell them to be quiet (and maybe next time, don’t spend so much money on a concert ticket if you need to have a conversation with someone).

In an airplane, it’s always me who has to tell the person to stop clipping their nails on the plane.

If there’s a line of people entering the building, and they’re only opening one of the two doors into the building, it’ll always be me who goes to the front and opens the other door.

If the neighbor’s two dogs are outside barking at 1 am, it’ll always be me to go over to their house to ask them if they’re aware that their two dogs are currently barking in their backyard.

There’s no way, in the situations I just described, I’m the only person who notices these things and is bothered by them. But somehow, I’m the only one who ever confronts and solves the issue.

I have a hard time standing by when there are problems to be solved or issues to be confronted. I prefer to resolve them and move on instead of sitting by and wishing the offending person or situation would figure it out on their own and do something about it.

But being “that guy” gets tiring after awhile. It would be great to see someone else step up now and again to confront these things.

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