The easiest headline to write

Here’s an article about how the Islamic State of Iraq (note that’s “Islam”) is ordering women between the ages of 11 and 46 to undergo genital mutilation in the name of the religion.

And the Republicans, who stand against this exact thing, are the ones leading the “War on Women?”

I get concerned for our country when so many people can’t do the simple math. Why would female conservatives and Republicans support a party that has launched a war on them? Similarly, why would Republicans want to pollute the environment when they have to breathe the same air as everyone else? (I could go on.)

Radical Islam, which is wholly supported by the very people who promoted this idea that there was ever a Republican “War on Women,” are the very people who quite deliberately make women second class (which might be a generous label) in their own society.

There’s a significant number of people in this country who better start to ponder a bit the things they hear from our elected officials…

(Oh, and the headline for this one? Any variant of “The real war on women,” will do.)

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