The paradox of search

One of the foundations of search results is the more people click on a webpage, the higher it will show up in search.

What’s interesting about this is if someone posts a page with content someone doesn’t like, the more that person clicks on it and shares it with others, the higher it will rise in Google search rankings.

It all becomes a matter of scale. If there’s a page with content you don’t want people to see, you’d do best to only look at it once, don’t share it with anyone and post a rebuttal or comment if you think that it requires an answer.

Then be proactive and create content that better reflects what you want people to see. Once posted, share the link with as many as possible and try and generate more traffic to it than the one you’re trying to avoid.

But it’s funny to me how often people who don’t like the content of a page continue to share it with friends and click on it again and again.

And as an aside, it’s funny to me how easy it is to get the attention of people who use Google Alerts to alert them whenever anything about themselves hits the Internet. You need only write their name…


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