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Good creative is good creative

The last time I was in Atlanta, I woke up around 5:30 (not unusual for me) and went for a walk around downtown area. When I got around the CNN building area, I looked across this huge field and saw … Continue reading

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Why don’t people like the government? No accountability

I was recently at the Post Office in a rather long line (at least 10 in front of me). This was the scene at the customer service desks… You’ll notice there was no shortage of people (on the left), but … Continue reading

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Sometimes, things really are just that simple

Being against Voter ID laws and illegal immigration is racist. Not sure how either of those things can be true. Why is it racist to require an ID to vote? The idea behind it is that to prevent voter fraud, … Continue reading

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Gun free zones

I know a guy with a question. Every time someone is shot in a gun free zone, he asks the same question: “This can’t be. How can someone have been shot there when it’s a clearly marked gun free zone?” … Continue reading

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Get out and vote… if you are a critical thinker with good interpretive skills

It’s that time of year again when everyone makes pleas to just get out and vote. This is something I’ve never understood. Why would I try to convince people to vote if I think they’re going to vote against my … Continue reading

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