Sometimes, things really are just that simple

Being against Voter ID laws and illegal immigration is racist. Not sure how either of those things can be true.

Why is it racist to require an ID to vote? The idea behind it is that to prevent voter fraud, which is another way for people to get into office illegally, we should require anyone who shows up to vote to present an ID. Seems like the type of idea that is pretty straightforward and pretty solid. So, what could be the motivation for anyone who would fight against it?

They claim it’s racist, but I think that very claim is racist. What you’re essentially saying is that blacks or minorities are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID – which is free in all but one of the states with Voter ID laws.

I think that’s too easy. I think they’re against it because they know they need voter fraud to win. “They,” by the way, are Democrats because they’re the party fighting Voter ID laws.

Perhaps if we don’t require an ID to vote, we don’t need to require an ID to own a gun because that, too, would be racist. I mean, minorities want to own guns too, right? Isn’t it discriminatory to make them have an ID when they’re so hopelessly unqualified to get one?

Why is it racist to insist that immigrants go through the established legal process instead of sneaking into the country and living and working illegally? I mean, hell, it’s got the word “illegal” right in it. This one’s even easier than Voter ID laws. And ask a legal immigrant about it. Why should they go through the time, effort and cost to do it the right way when we’re just ushering in illegals as fast as we can get them across the border?

Yet there are those who think anyone who opposes illegal immigration are racist. But what is their motive? If we allow illegal immigrants into the country, what’s one of the things they can do for those who are fighting for the illegal immigrants. Why, they can vote, with a little help from those who are, not at all coincidentally, fighting against Voter ID laws.

So, this is really one of the easier mental exercises one can do in politics, yet there are so many who can’t seem to figure out just how cut and dried this one is.


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