Sweet irony: teachers go on strike and miss teacher appreciation day

Today, our Shoreline School District teachers are striking to show their disapproval with the state not allocating all of the education funding.

On April 30, our super intendent, wrote to the parents to inform them of the May 11th strike. In it, she said “this is not a strike against the District, students, families or our community.”

Ha. She can call it what she wants, but actions speak far louder than words (at least our kids can learn something from their teachers today). Call it what you want, but the kids won’t be in school today because of the teacher’s union. What’s the lesson for students there? That if you don’t get what you want, whine and go home?

Besides, if the state is not living up to its responsibilities, we’re the parents. We’ll take care of it with our own pressure and votes, if it’s all the same to the teacher’s union.

But the best part of it all was this email from Brookside Elementary last Friday: “With no school on Monday, and many classes out on a field trip Friday, PTA has decided to MOVE our celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week to May 18-22.”

So, we’ll have to appreciate the teachers later because they decided to not show up for work to do their job.

Tell you what, if they show up for work today, I’ll be first in line to appreciate them.

Perhaps the worst part of this is that it wasn’t the teachers, but the teacher’s union representatives, who decided this. I suspect quite a few teachers would rather just teach today.

Nevermind that this strike is also illegal. State law says that public employees are not allowed to strike.

Let me get this straight… they’re going to illegally strike to protest the legislature not following the law by allocating education funds.

I guess today’s lesson, class, is that two wrongs DO make a right.

This is so rich, I’m not even sure where to start…

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