Why not driverless cars? Let me count the ways…

Many are predicting the coming wave of driverless cars. The claim is that soon we’ll all be in them, and this will be a good thing for society.

Personally, I don’t see the positives.

All I see is trying to figure out how to get around four driverless cars all driving exactly the speed limit next to each other on the freeway.

At least, that was all I could see until I saw this article in Wired.

In it, the driver describes a test he underwent where he was driving a Jeep and his company’s tech people intentionally hacked into the vehicle and took it over.

Has it occurred to people that anyone with the knowledge could already hack into your computer chip-dependent car? Think about when you’re sitting in the back of your driverless car. If someone wanted to send you into the next lane, over the guard rail or just shut down your motor so you’re suddenly sitting dead in oncoming freeway traffic, there’s nothing you’d be able to do.

In general, I don’t like surrendering control of anything to anyone. But this one seems like one of the bigger mistakes you could make when trusting the machines.

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