3 weeks of joblessness

For three weeks, I’ve been in that Nirvana state of being between jobs.

When you’re an adult, there’s no Christmas that can replace the feeling of owing nothing to anybody and being completely in control of what you do with your time.

To some, I expect it would look a lot like this:

Instead, it became probably the busiest three weeks of the past six months. And it was beautiful.

I was able to organize and do all the marketing for the Shoreline Girls Basketball Feeder Program (a program that organizes 5th-8th grade girls basketball teams for girls who will go on to Shorecrest High School).

Finally, I had time to read some books that had been sitting around since… well, since who even knows how long.

There was a growing number of home projects I was able to knock out. And finally, I was able to put some finishing touches on some Shoreline Sports Foundation marketing and website work that I had been wanting to do.

My next door neighbor is running for Lake Forest Park Mayor. In the last three weeks, I was able to get his yard signs printed and placed around town, get his website live and help him with some other efforts.

But most importantly, I was able to spend three weeks, in a complete state of relaxed happiness, with my wife and daughter. My daughter and I took a trip to Boston and Maine together, and the rest of the time, after my daughter returned to school, I was able to just hang out and enjoy time with my wife.

There was no stress to it. No work problems to solve. No outside expectations. Just me, able to be me, with my family.

My goal now is to apply the lessons of relaxed happiness, the knowledge of what that feels like, to future ventures. Hopefully, this post will remind me now and again of what that feels like.

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