“Republican ideas haven’t changed in 30 years”

I just read this quote and realized how ill-equipped too many are to parse it.

Democrats seek creativity from their politicians. They look for ideas that are going to fix things. They want their solutions from the elected officials.

Republicans seek creativity from the people. Their “ideas” haven’t changed because their core idea is to limit regulations, keep the government out of the way and live by the constitution. They want their solutions to come from the unpredictable creativity of the people… in the private sector.

You can debate which is better, but the notion that the Republicans are old fashioned or stuck in their ways couldn’t be further from the truth.

Republicans favor state’s rights because they know that you will get more innovations from 50 states trying to solve a problem than one gigantic federal government trying to solve the same problem.

Likewise, you’ll get more solutions when private individuals are left to solve existing problems and then benefit from their innovations. Government workers have no incentives to solve problems and much more incentive to keep them going to justify their positions.

And that’s your math lesson for today.

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  1. jonolan says:

    Also remember that the liberals keep manufacturing new “problems” and/or reinventing or revising the conditions of old “problems” – so there’s always something “new” to be solved.

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