Lost art of critical thinking: “war on women”

My “lost art” series is really aimed at how lazy some of the thinking among people can be.

I define lazy thinking as hearing a claim that often applies to an entire group of people and not challenging the notion, doing your own research and looking into why the claim may be self-serving to those making it (whether they are Democrats OR Republicans).

In this case, I thought the claim that Republicans are engaging on a “war on women” was absurd from the outset – without even hearing the specifics.

Why would a political party engage on a “war” on half of the voters in the country? It sure doesn’t sound like a great election strategy, to me.

But take it a step further. Both parties – Democrat and Republican – are roughly half composed of women. Why would a party made up of roughly 50% women engage in a “war on women.”

If you need to go further, consider the origin. The entire meme started when George Stephanopoulos asked a question during a 2012 Republican primary debate about the Republican stance on free contraceptives when no candidate had made them part of their platform.

Granted, I’m not a woman, but I do follow politics very closely, and I had never heard anyone make an issue out of contraceptives somehow not being available to women – or anyone.

To me, it all becomes so much more insulting when you read articles about how ISIS, al-queda and other militant Islamofascist groups are torturing and killing women.

Just after the terrorist attacks on Paris, mass graves of women considered by ISIL to be too old to be sex slaves were found in Iraq.

Sharia Law, supported by even moderate Muslims, denies women of many basic rights and equality. And who supports Sharia Law and the mass immigration of disaffected Muslims into the United States? Hint: the very same people who took and ran with the false “war on women” meme.

There are real wars on women going on in the world, and to make up ridiculous charges because someone can’t afford basic birth control is a disgrace to those really suffering.

Sandra Fluke became the poster-woman for this injustice during the 2012 campaign. In 2014, she decided to run for the California State Senate. That she lost isn’t the point to me. As the headline in the image captures, it’s that she spend $1,740 to file to run, but can’t afford her birth control.

How many of you knew that?

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