Marketing judo

I love marketing judo. When your competitor willingly hands you a stick so you can beat them with it, I say enjoy the opportunity.

In this case, I was sent an ad from a liberal political group called “Priorities USA.” Regardless of your political leanings, an objective view of the purpose seems to be to warn people about the potential threat a Ted Cruz presidency would pose to the United States. (Here’s the ad…)

They warn of things like his desire to defund Planned Parenthood and abolish organizations like the IRS and the EPA (which Marco Rubio referred to last night as the Employment Prevention Agency).

I’m not familiar with the organization, so I’m not sure what the desired outcome is for the ad, but if they were trying to make an ad for Ted Cruz, they succeeded better than anything he’s produced.

As I mentioned, the ad points out many things that Cruz wants to do or has said. The problem is that everything in this ad is what Cruz supporters, and conservatives in general, love about him.

If the purpose is to prevent him from becoming the nominee, it will have the opposite effect. You can tell from the comment line that this ad is being sent around to Cruz supporters and conservatives all over the country. And they’re loving it.

As I said, regardless of your own political views, if you understand those of conservatives and liberals, you can understand why conservatives are sharing this. It seems awfully tone deaf of liberals to not understand how attractive these ideas are to Cruz supporters.

I think they would have been better off not to have made it at all if their goal is to keep him out.

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