Am I the only one seeing this?

Last week was kind of a blur, so I’ve been trying to get through a bunch of personal email.

I received a LinkedIn invitation, or at least an official-looking LinkedIn Invitation, from Jelord Rey Jobs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.42.44 AM

It looks and reads like a normal LinkedIn invitation. Like with all LinkedIn invitations, I didn’t accept off the email. I went to the “View profile” button first. It took me to this page:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.46.47 AM

Again, it looks legitimate. And when I tested the search function, it took me right to my confirmed pages on LinkedIn.

What’s confounding me is that when I search for “Jelord Rey Jobs” or “Bulb Corporation,” I can’t find anything in the entirety of Google that matches.

How can that be? I figured anything on the Internet must be findable somewhere. Especially something on a site like LinkedIn.

Has anyone seen or heard of this? How could I be the only person who received this? And why did I receive this?

Or am I just seeing things?

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2 Responses to Am I the only one seeing this?

  1. Sarah says:

    While I don’t have many connections as you may on LinkedIn, I have not received this spammy looking invite. Honestly on first impression, I thought it was Steve Jobs doppelganger.

    • Jon says:

      But that’s what’s so odd. I’m assuming it’s spam, but even spam becomes something you can read about online. There is no Google mention of this one, anywhere.

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