Legalizing common sense

Today in Seattle is the annual running of the Communists. It’s when the lawless run around downtown and break things and disrupt the days of people trying to enjoy the city or make a living.

Naturally, everyone at work is concerned about their ability to get through the mess and get home at the end of the day.

Too bad the State of Washington hasn’t adopted a law like the one being considered in Tennessee. They were considering a bill that would protect the rights of drivers who may hit someone protesting in the middle of the street or highway.

I couldn’t be more in favor. My parents, along with PSA’s paid for by the State of Wisconsin, spent a lot of time teaching me to stay out of the street, lest I get hit by oncoming traffic. If protesters want to run into the street and disrupt traffic, it seems they’re willfully putting their lives at risk, and why not touch that hot stove and let them get burned.

It all sounds pretty logical to me. Stay out of the street, and you don’t stand a chance of getting hit by a moving vehicle. Yet the Huffington Post was able to find someone who thinks differently:

Michelle Johnson of the Tennessee Justice Center said this, “I don’t understand how this adds to anything other than to discourage people from coming out and exercising their First Amendment right.”

Right. Because if people can’t stand in the street and block traffic, they can’t exercise their First Amendment rights… like I’m doing RIGHT NOW behind the safety of this desk (which is not located in the middle of 1st Avenue).

I hope everyone gets through the day safely, but I also hope if anyone insists on blocking traffic that they learn the lesson I learned when I was 6.

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