Another critical thinking exercise

The Washington Post recently ran an article about a kid from El Salvador who went to ICE officials to tell them he’d gotten into college, and they deported him and his brother.

So, the kids apparently entered the country illegally in 2009, and on this “routine” visit, were sent home (“home” being their country of origin).

I’m not sure what vexes me more, that these two quotes exist within mere paragraphs of each other:

“They entered the country illegally in 2009…”

“These kids did nothing wrong,” said Heather Bradley, who taught Diego’s English as a Second Language class at Quince Orchard and worked with Lizandro on the literary magazine.

…or that they weren’t deported the first time they went to ICE.

It continually fascinates me that illegal immigration, which prominently features the word “illegal” right in it (first word, even), is so often framed as something that’s not an issue.

It’s illegal. ILLEGAL! Like, not lawful. Against the law. We have all sorts of things that are illegal in society. I’m confident people are familiar with the premise.

There’s a lawful process for entering the country, and no one has a problem with it (despite how illegal immigration proponents try to frame the issue). I’ll never understand the failure of some to comprehend the difference.

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