The obvious solution to Seattle’s traffic problems

In 2016, voters approved “ST3,” or Sound Transit 3, which expands our transit system with pretty much a blank check of $54 billion to do with what Sound Transit wants.

Traffic in Seattle, in just the 8 years I’ve lived here, has gotten horrible. We’re almost at Chicago levels of ridiculousness.

But I think I have a better idea.

Instead of spending $54 billion more that we don’t have for a solution that’s not going to work, why not simply pass a law that forbids no more residential building in King County.

The biggest problem we have is that builders all over are tearing down single occupancy homes or business and building multi-level apartments and condominiums. We’re just stacking people on top of people in areas that weren’t built for it.

This is leading to obvious congestion on nearly all main arteries.

Simply stop allowing multi-level housing – today – and you will at least have stopped our traffic growth where they stand. And it wouldn’t cost us a thing.

Oh, and while Amazon has a largely positive impact on Seattle. Perhaps it’s time they started building a campus in Davenport, IA, and relocating everyone there to start wrecking havoc on that town. Seattle’s had enough.

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