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Seeking interview feedback

A few years ago, I began wondering why, with so much data available to us for nearly every interaction we have, are we still unable to get any feedback from recruiters on how we interviewed. It’s often difficult enough to … Continue reading

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My blog has 473,000 pageviews

No, not this blog. Not even close. But when I was with in 2008, I started a blog to promote the site. We were in development and had no product to place on the domain, so I wrote … Continue reading

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Friesch’s torment

Perhaps you’re familiar with Hobson’s choice, Schrodinger’s cat, Occam’s Razor, or even Wheeler’s which. I’d like to introduce you to Friesch’s torment. Friesch’s torment is when you are awakened in the middle of the night by a neighborhood dog barking, … Continue reading

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Naivete in the neighborhood

These signs have been popping up around my neighborhood, in part because someone in our local community printed a bunch and offered them to neighbors. I know I’m always the bad guy on seemingly innocent things like this, but … Continue reading

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