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How easy to make someone’s day

I just received this note from a former co-worker whom I hired to be my Marketing Project Coordinator a few years back… “I am remembering fondly when my boss, you, would be at work before the rest of the staff … Continue reading

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Hire outside your industry

When I was with Capital Newspapers, I developed an informal rule of not hiring anyone from within the organization. The newspaper industry was already facing some challenges before the rise of the Internet as a news source started seriously eroding … Continue reading

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Seeking interview feedback

A few years ago, I began wondering why, with so much data available to us for nearly every interaction we have, are we still unable to get any feedback from recruiters on how we interviewed. It’s often difficult enough to … Continue reading

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My blog has 473,000 pageviews

No, not this blog. Not even close. But when I was with in 2008, I started a blog to promote the site. We were in development and had no product to place on the domain, so I wrote … Continue reading

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I’ve hired more than 60 people in my life, and many times, I’ve had people look at the resumes of people I was considering and tell me that they were overqualified. What does that mean: overqualified? It seems to me … Continue reading

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