Occupy space (a few marketing tips for the cause)

In this way, I am definitely down with the movement.

(But then again, aren’t we all?)

From a marketing perspective, I think they should have given this name a bit more thought.

Isn’t it all too easy for the naysayers to point out that all these people have ever done is occupy? The word occupy doesn’t really line up in the Thesaurus behind words like accomplish, produce, create, determine or achieve.

And when you listen to the variety of demands, it appears what they want is a reward for occupying. It seems to me that there’s got to be a better way to get people on your side – especially when there are so many who can get down with the idea of ending corporate/politician relationships that only benefit them. They might really have a movement with proper messaging.

And on that note, a smart politician would see the parallels between the Tea Party and Occupy (I know it would pain both sides to admit it), like having had enough with politicians who have big corporations in their back pocket and bailing out businesses who should have already filed for bankruptcy, bring the two together in whatever way possible, and walk away with the 2012 election.

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